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Police Reading Comprehension Test – How to Prepare

The reading comprehension test is one of the core elements of the police written exam. For many candidates, though, this can prove to be one of the most challenging elements; an aspect that they’re unsure how best to prepare for. Are you supposed to read more? Should you be familiar with police terms and vocabulary?… Read more »

Police Test Questions and Answers – Your Complete Guide

Looking for sample police test questions and answers? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Police Test Guide is the leading online resource that helps candidates pass their police test. Our questions are both thorough and complete. This means we offer questions on the reading comprehension test, the math exam, spelling and grammar, the… Read more »

Preparing for the Police Fitness Test

You need to prepare for the police exam. Where do you start? In earlier blog posts, we talked about the police written test and the police interview exam. We learned how to approach these exams and how best to prepare. One part of the police exam we’ve yet to address is the police fitness test.… Read more »

Police Written Exam Test Study

Preparing for the police test? Not sure how to approach your study? At Police Test Guide, we’ve helped thousands of candidates prepare for their police exam. It’s an exam that requires intense and thorough preparation. You need to prepare for the police written exam, the police fitness test, as well as the police interview test.… Read more »

Police Math Test Questions – What You Need to Know

Nobody likes the police math test. Well, maybe not nobody – but, let’s be honest, very few do. It’s often the most difficult because candidates often don’t see its relevance. It’s almost as if test examiners threw in the math component for no other reason than pure, unadulterated masochism. Though it may seem this way,… Read more »